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My Cats

European Premior
Mythai Fah Ngern Laa Si FahDSM
Korat male, neutered, DOB: 7.6.2002
Photo: Harri Wickstrand

"Kerkko" is a sweet senior boy who stayed
at home from my 4th litter. He is the best friend
of my younger females and enjoys sleeping
with kittens. He needs more and more
human touch, too. He made a nice show
career, when he was younger.

Premior, European Champion &
CFA Champion, CFA Premior
Mythai Wang Kaang RaangDSM DVM
Korat female, spayed, DOB: 5.8.2005
Photo: Harri Wickstrand

"Gilda" had five litters until she was spayed
in 2012. I just fell in love with her when
she was a newborn, and so she stayed at
home. She's got also great show success,
worth of DSM and DVM titles. Now she's
retaired and enjoys peaceful life at home.

Grand International Champion
Dongalas Erin
Korat female, spayed, DOB: 27.5.2009
Photo: Marko Lumikangas

"Miss Erkki" is a sweet girl from Norway.
This queen moved to Mythai cattery in October
2009. She's a very kind and social cat and full of
playing and purring. She was spayed after four
litters. As a retaired cat, she lives now with
my husband's mother in Turku.

National Winner, Supreme Premior,
Supreme Champion & CFA Grand Champion,
CFA Premior
Melodian TulayaDVM DSM
Korat female, spayed, DOB: 18.10.2011
Photo: Marko Lumikangas

"Tättähäärä" is my real show star with very
interesting pedigree. This beautiful charmer
moved to Mythai cattery in January 2012.
She's also a mother of three litters. She was
spayed in July 2019. She is very active cat,
and there's always something going on.
Supreme Champion
Mythai Ornanong Sa-MonDVM
Korat female, DOB: 13.11.2013
Photo: Marko Lumikangas

"Io" was born in my placed litter in Kerava
but lives now with my Korat gang. She is
a real alfa female, but her soft side is full
of purring. She has been an excellent
mother for her four litters.
Mythai Opale Devi
Korat female, DOB: 6.11.2018

"Pomppu is Io's daughter from her third
litter and my new queen. She's
Grace's best playing friend.

Mythai Tydah Thong
Korat female, DOB: 2.4.2019
Photo: Marko Lumikangas

"Grace" is Tättähäärä's daughter
from her last litter and my future
queen. She's a super sweet girl
with lovely face and temper.

Mythai Yada Ying
Korat female, DOB: 30.12.2019
Photo: Marko Lumikangas

"Nyx" is Io's daughter and hopefully
my future queen. She lives with
Ida Vainio in Helsinki.

In Memoriam

European Premior, Champion
Suchada Chatmanee SaiSoi Kor
Korat female, spayed
22.5.2001 - 17.2.2017
Photo: Harri Wickstrand

"Helmi" had three litters and made
a successful show career as a spay.
 At home she was a tender grandmother
who loved to nurse all the kittens around.
 She was a real fighter with 99 lives but left
finally to the Rainbow bridge after
    long-term kidney disease.

European Premior & European Champion
Poison's Fujin Gin Maihime
Korat female, spayed
4.9.1997- 20.4.2014
Photo: Studio Airaksinen

"Nysse" was my first Korat and the foundation queen
of my cattery. She had five litters, and she was
spayed in spring 2004. She was a real big personality,
and we had a special kind of bond between us. She
made a great show career, too.

European Champion
Mythai Op Oon Hoo-a Nah
Korat female
26.4.2004 - 15.2.2009
Photo: Harri Wickstrand

"Ansa" was my lovely queen, and she had four
litters. She had a lovely temper, being brave
and gentle at the same time. Purring was
a middle name for this sweet lady who left
us all to early due to serious illness.

Longhair housecat female, spayed
April 1993 - 2.6.2008

"Iines" was my very first cat. She was a
characteristic lady who got along well with my
Korats. She left us when she was 15 years old.

My former cats

International Premior
Dewdrop's Chai Sot Soo-Ay
Korat male
7.8.1999 - 5.6.2017

"Sulo" was my first stud but he was neutered
after he made one litter with Nysse. Later
this handsome boy lived as a beloved pet and
enjoyed peaceful home life.

Mythai Ubol Pu-ying Pong
Korat female
27.2.2005 - 14.4.2020

"Frida" lived with Kirsi Ziegler and her
half sister "Elna" in Espoo since she was
a kitten. She made a litter in my cattery in summer 2007 and was spayed after that.

Dewdrop's Eek Tonahdee
Korat female, DOB: 19.2.2005
Owner: Kirsi Ziegler

"Elna" made one litter in my cattery.
She is nowadays owned by Kirsi Ziegler
and lives with her family.

Grand International Premior
Chai-lai Wi-lai
Korat female, DOB: 15.12.2008
Owner: Suvi Kemppainen

"Rosella" lives with her human family and
two other Korats in Tampere. She is now
owned by Suvi Kemppainen. She got
her first and only litter in March 2010.

Mythai Yai Fan Dee
Korat female, DOB: 9.11.2009
Owner: Aino Falck-Immonen

"Ma-li" has lived in Helsinki with Aino Falck-Immonen's family since she was
a kitten. She gave a birth to her first and
only litter in February 2011 and has
her daughter as a friend.

Mythai Nit Rak-Saa
Korat female, DOB: 15.2.2011
Owner: Kirsi Suokas

"Bambi" is a sweet girl who lives in
Turku with a her feline friends and
human family. I was showing her when
she was a kitten.

Mythai Wan Suk Saao
Korat female, DOB: 20.1.2012
Owner: Maarit Ingalsuo

"Velma" alias "Cindy" was born as a single
kitten in Miss Erkki's second litter. This lovely
girl lives with Maarit Ingalsuo's family in Kerava, and is now owned by her. She gave a birth to her litter of four kittens under my cattery name in November 2013.
Mythai Vipada Tay-Wee
Korat female, DOB: 12.1.2012
Owner: Suvi Kemppainen

"Kimuna" is a sweet and gentle female who
lives in Tampere with Suvi Kemppainen's
family. She was co-owned by me and her.
  She gave a birth to her first litter under my
cattery name in November 2013.
Mythai Tukata Teuan
Korat female, DOB: 24.3.2014
Owner: Jonna Lamberg
Photo: Anni Jauhiainen

"Tamara" is from Tättähäärä's first litter.
She had her first litter in summer 2016
under my cattery name. She lives in
Helsinki with another Korat.

Mythai Palat Pai Jit
Korat male, DOB: 13.11.2013
Owner: Kirsi Pulkkinen
Photo: Anni Jauhiainen

"Ropsu" was my stud for couple of years,
but now he's a happy neuter. He has six
litters. He has lived with his daddy cat and
Kirsi Pulkkinen's family since he was a kitten.

Grand International Champion
Mythai Busaya Bao
Korat female, DOB: 26.8.2015
Owner: Hanna & Jyrki Åland
Photo: Marko Lumikangas

"Baba" is Io's daugter. She lives in
Turku with her human family and two
Birmans. She gave a birth to her first litter
 under my cattery name in July 2018.