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The Korat

The Korat is a silver-blue, middle-sized cat with smooth curves and a heart-shaped face and head. The body is muscular and supple, powerful but not heavily built. The cat is heavier in weight than appearance suggests. Females are often smaller than males, but they also have muscular appearance.

The Korat has a short single coat which is always silver-blue. Every blue hair has a silver tip. The hair is close lying, soft and smooth as silk.

Korats have a very alert appearance. When viewed from the front the head is heart-shaped with breadth between and across the eyes. The eyes are large, even over-sized to the face, round and they have unusual depth and intensity. They are preferably brilliant green, but amber is also permissible. They have been described as "the dewdrops on a lotus leaf or young rice".

Korats are lively and very playful even as adults. They want to fully participate in they family's life. They get along with other pets as long as they get to be "number one". Korats love they humans endlessly and always find a way to make you smile.